Video also they play only when they feeling stressed

Video game can
be called a necessity for not just the kids and teenagers, but also young
adults and adults. Two of the reasons people play games are only to have fun
and also to burn stress. Not only social media, but video games can also help
you to connect to people from across the ocean. But society tends to perceive
games as something bad and destructive. In this essay, I want to share my
perspective about the statement above.

I already
mentioned that video games can be called a necessity for kids until adults but
it does not necessarily mean play games every day. Everyone needs to have a
schedule so that playing games will not disturb your productivity. Everyone
knows that play games to much can cause a considerable impact to your
productivity, so that is why people need to keep their hours of play games to a
minimum of 1 hour and 2 hours at most. And fact is that play games moderately
can increase your productivity by also increasing your mood level. When you
have a good mood, you can finished so many task in a day rather when you are
having a bad mood. And from my statements above, a question appears. Why can
society think that play games is destructive? My personal opinion is probably
there are so many people play games all day that they forgot about their
environment.  From what I observe these
past few years, smart people tend to play games for no longer than 2 hours. And
also they play only when they feeling stressed or worn out from studying all
day long, and then when they finished playing, they will either do a review or
just go straight to bed.

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To learn English
you need to read, listen, and speak like an English speaker. Playing games can
help you do all 3 at the same times, though not all games have any features
that can help you speak English to other people, but all games have features
that can help you read English to some degree. And also all games have audio
features that can help you getting used to hear English. Most people that do
not have English as their mother language can read, hear, and speak English
because of games. Video games now days have all the features needed to help you
learn the language. For me, my understanding in English language is thanks to
video games that I already played for this past years. My little brother also
have a good understanding in English because all of the games that he played. I
have this friend of mine from middle school, he always asked me on how to learn
English the good way. I responded with “Try to watch some movies with English
in it. Also try to play strategy games with English on it. Also play MMO games
so that you can chat with foreigners.” I met him not long ago, he was saying
thanks to me because of my advice I gave him in middle school. Because of it he
can use English language very well.

A game can
connect people across the world with little to no effort at each end. It can
help maintaining relationships and can be a medium to meet with each other and
play together. Because of games, there are always be topics in conversations so
that every meet up with friends, there will not be any awkward silences. Not
long ago when I was searching on the internet on how to learn Japanese
language, I came across a thread that contain tips and tricks on how to improve
any language that you currently learning. In it I saw “Basically, if you want
to try and improve your understanding of a language, the best is to try to
speak to that language’s speaker. With it, you will learn much more than when
you are learning it on your own.” And that peaked my interest. I never talk to
a foreigner before in my life, and I do not know where to start searching for
someone to talk to. And video game crosses my mind. I thought that it would be
a good idea to play a massive multiplayer online game. Massive multiplayer game
is a game where you can play with or fight with everyone all over the world in
a game environment. And so I started to play this game called Adventure Quest Worlds. It is a
web-based massive multiplayer online game that allow players around the world
to interact with each other. I played with it once when I was in middle school.
I played it again just to try to interact with some foreigner. And I think
because of that, my confidence in speaking to other person in English is much
higher compare to last time. And also boost my confidence in speaking to other
person in my own mother language. Also I have my friend from Norway that I met
at that game.

Believe it or
not, video games is shaping our society. Think about it, from a long time ago,
video games created so many benefits. For example, in 1981, a game called Donkey Kong introduce Mario, a game
character that is so popular, it became Nintendo’s mascot. Because of it, it
helped Nintendo’s profit so that they can make another game. In over 30-year
span, games shaped our culture and society. Because of video games, we live in
this world full of technology. Video games helped our society to create and
improving technology. Take Artificial Intelligence for example, Artificial
Intelligence helped ending the world war. Before Artificial Intelligence is
used to decrypt Enigma, a cryptography made by Germany to communicate between
each other secretly during world war two. Now, Artificial Intelligence can
fight in a strategy-based board game called Go.
Go is a board game made by the
ancient china, it is a territorial-based board game. Go itself can helped us think logically like chess, because of the
simple yet complex game.

So in
conclusion, video games shaped our culture and society, improving technology,
our language skill, maintaining relationships, meet new people, keeping our
stress level as low as possible and improve our mood level, and increase
productivity if you stay loyal to your schedule. In the end, we need to change
society’s negative perspective of video games so that it can also helped them
in doing their daily life.