Throughout good job that will help my family and

Throughout my life, I have been through some bad and good experiences that helped me become the human being I am today. Whether, it is from having bad relationships or good relationships with friends and family, these incidents have helped me to be a strong person not just physically but mostly mentally. However, my experience with my parents, and becoming a mom are the main reasons why I keep on pushing myself to be better than I was before despite all the hardships. Because of my parents’ example, I became a rational thinker. Since both of my parents did not attend high school or college, they both have a hard time getting a better paying job. As a result, they were struggling to pay their bills. I remember like it was yesterday, almost every day I would heard my parents fight about money. There was a lot of yelling, cursing, and throwing things around the house. As they continued to fight, I would just stay in my room, in the dark, and play some loud music. After the conflict, my parents decided to go their separate ways. Due to my parents’ separation, it affected me in different ways, but not to put myself down but to keep myself up. That is, for me to continue my schooling to become a dental hygienist and get a good job that will help my family and me financially. My most significant event in my life is when I became a mom, which influenced me to keep on progressing in life. Motherhood began for me on August 29, 2013. I had a beautiful boy, who I fell in love with at first sight. After seeing him, smelling his baby breath, and finally, holding him in my arms, I could not be happier in my life. Now, I have two wonderful boys who I love more than anything. Going through pregnancy was tough, but despite all the aches and pained of pregnancy, the constant fear, and all of those sleepless nights, I know that both of my kids are worth it. As a result, my children encourage me to reach my goals, finish my education and maintain the healthy lifestyle that will benefit us to do well in school, work and our daily life. For these reasons, my perspective in life had changed drastically. My parents and becoming a mom had helped me bring out the best of me in many ways. Now, I am determined to finish whatever I started in life, for instance, in school, work, or any hobbies. Moreover, I will continue to work hard and not give up so easily for the sake of my family. In fact, these events have taught me how to overcome any challenges that I will run into throughout my life. Most importantly, I became a better person not only for my self but also for my family.