Throughout first aid organised by the British Horse Society.

Throughout my education I’ve always enjoyed learning about the inner workings of life. The anatomy and physiology of an animal is incredible. My love for learning about these particular areas of biology was one of the reasons I became interested in the veterinary field. My time spent caring for my family horse was ultimately the biggest influence in my decision. It allowed me to gain a lot of first-hand experience in animal husbandry which I have found to be thoroughly rewarding and interesting. I am responsible for their daily care and make an effort to ensure their general well being by making the effort to increase my own knowledge of common health problems. I have achieved this by attending public lectures and events hosted by my local equine hospital, as well as completing a course in equine first aid organised by the British Horse Society. Due to this interest in animal husbandry I arranged a two week placement on a small farm to assist them in the lambing of around four-hundred ewes. I was involved in all aspects of lambing, including cleaning and preparing pens; caring for the ewe and lamb during the lambing process; penning ewes and lambs; feeding and caring for pet and orphaned lambs, and providing veterinary treatment where necessary.To explore the veterinary field and discover what a career in it would entail, I arranged two weeks of shadowing at a local small animal practice. I gained a greater understanding of the structure of a typical vet practice with through observing and speaking to the staff. Throughout the placement I observed consultations, blood sampling, dental work, radiography and minor surgery. I even had the unique opportunity to assist a veterinary cardiologist while they carried out an electrocardiogram and echocardiogram to diagnose the heart problems of two of the practices patients. With the cardiovascular system being of particular interest to myself, it was fascinating to see it from a diagnostic perspective. For example I was able to see how problems in the hearts valves can cause abnormal blood flow through the heart. It gave me a greater insight into the important role a veterinary nurse plays as part of a practice. I have arranged a further two, week long placements with other local practices over the next month to build upon this experience.In addition to this work experience I have taken the opportunity to expand my own knowledge of the field through free online courses developed by the University of Edinburgh. So far I have completed a course which provided an introduction to important topics such as basic animal care, anatomy, veterinary professional skills and clinical skills. I am now enrolled on a course focusing on animal behaviour and welfareCurrently I work as part of the IKEA restaurant team in a busy customer orientated environment. The role involves working and interacting with a variety of co-workers within the department to ensure we provide a quality dining experience to our customers. Due to the nature of the role I deal with a wide range of different customers on a daily basis. This has given me the opportunity to improve my interpersonal skills, helping develop my ability to adapt my language and questioning technique in order to provide the service the customer expects. These skills will be valuable to me when working within a veterinary practice where there is constant interaction with a wide range of different clients, which will have a different attitude and expectation.I am excited to face the social and academic demands of veterinary nursing. Throughout my work experience and personal learning my commitment and desire to meet the demands of the course and develop a career within the field has only strengthened.