The Stevens has a conversation with the art itself

The poem I have chosen for my ekphrastic poetry culminating activity was The Man with the Blue Guitar, by Wallace Stevens. The poem is actually made up of thirty-three separate sections in four-beat couplets but can be shortened to just four to get the main idea. Within the sections, Stevens has a conversation with the art itself and I believe this is a connection because he is a philosopher of aesthetics. The poem starts out in the third person voice, but then switches to the first person, so the piece then becomes a dialogue between the man in the painting and his audience, which acts as a kind of chorus and song. The chorus seems to propose questions about its own self. Rejecting those overtures, the man says that he plays things “as they are,” although things “Are changed upon the blue guitar.” He then goes on to talk about how poetry is related to the audience or to the world in general through emotion.Although the painting is named The Man With The Blue Guitar, ironically, the guitar is the only piece in the painting that is not blue in color. This painting was created by the famous Pablo Picasso. He has a line of work that is all blue and uses line correlation to bring the piece of art together and this piece is the most well known out of all his works. Although the guitar is not physically blue as depicted in the title of the painting, it may resonate with an emotion that is connected to color to give the viewer a different perspective. In the painting, the man playing the guitar and his surroundings are multiple shades of blue and the body language speaks many more words than he could sing with his guitar. The head of the man is tilted at a ninety-degree angle with the shoulder dipped as well, his clothes are tattered and it appears that he is sitting in the street. At first glance, it would appear that this man is homeless but I believe that the man’s clothing represents how he feels inside and the kind of music he is playing the guitar.Although this poem is quite large in length, I feel as though it gives the painting a written voice that someone can analyze and apply to their own feelings and actions. “So that’s life, then: things as they are? It picks its way on the blue guitar.” (section III) I have selected this part of the poem to put into my reflection because it portrayed what I believe the paintings moral is.    I had actually chosen the painting before finding the poem. I was in search of a piece of art to write my own poem about and came across this painting. Although I loved how the story went deeper than just a man with a guitar, it also could be interpreted many different ways depending on the person.