The statutes, it is now punishable by law to

The earth, its ecosystems, and its beings are all profoundly associated. Accordingly, the survival of many species dependent on the survival of others. Thus, don’t think human beings are an exception. As detached from nature as many of us humans have become, there are many animals we rely on for our benefit and welfare. Believe it or not, many animals actually help people just by performing their natural roles in their environment. And we’re benefiting from their services for free. However, eventually lack of deliberation towards animals has been terminated by humans.

A movement regarding animal rights based on the philosophical thinking of a man, Tom Regan. He argued that animals too do have that what he calls inherent values which must be respected by mankind, although they may not possess self-identity and moral awareness. This theory debates that animals should not be treated as man’s possessions that can be used as for the purpose of research, for food or clothing or as objects of entertainments. Rather, animals must be considered as fellows of moral community and be treated as non-human persons. According to legal statutes, it is now punishable by law to mistreat an animal. Somehow, campaigns have been very effective and formulated in various countries, especially in the west. In 1890, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act passed and it’s still advocated in Pakistan. However, no case has ever been registered. However, Carl Cohen, the main critic against the animal rights movement holds view that animals are part of welfare system and are therefore to be exploited by mankind. He disagrees with the view that animals should have freedom of expressions and choice because they are not moral agents and do not have the capacity to bear any rights. This view denotes that animals are there to be utilized at man’s will. Humans therefore have the moral compulsion to use animals as objects of food, clothes and for medical research purposes.

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Sperlin put emphasis on domestication of plants and animals has influenced the history of both man and human species. In our traditional societies, mankind used animals for hunting, farming, security, protection, food and event clothing. The modern development characterized by scientific discoveries, industries revolution and technological changes also affected the relationship with animals.

Artist, Amy Stein, demonstrates that how urbanization is affecting the lives of animals around us intentionally and unintentionally. She manages to do by means of artistic sensitivity. In her series named ‘Domesticated’ she examines phases of today’s human relationship to animals and by implication to nature.




In first image, a deer looks abandoned while sitting by the side of a public road with the lights of human habitation in the background. This shows a blatant illustration of how conservation of urban growth has invaded these animals living dwellings. Tomorrow will this deer just be road kill? Another image of a brown bear with a white plastic bag over his face arouses all sorts of thoughts of human encroachment, discarded waste and our capacity to disable, damage and destroy through our inattentiveness.

A very simple example of architect Frank Lloyd Wright who designed a doghouse incorporating to canine’s owner house. Basically it was intended to provide a shelter to the dog; corresponding to humans living necessities. Likewise, fundamentally balance between human and non-human should be considered because imbalance would create discontinuity in the loop of ecosystem and result in dire circumstance.