Nuclear plants are fueled by uranium fuel. uranium fuel

Nuclear power is an amazing source of energy. it is when the electricity gets seperated from an atom it is a long progress but worth it in the end. nuclear power takes up over 20% of the US’s power. nuclear power plants are fueled by uranium fuel. uranium fuel is made from uranium ore and most nuclear power plants are near the water because they use these metal rods in the process and if they overheat a number of things could happen. in fact nuclear power plants can only run for a few months before having to clean it out of Radioactive waste. Radioactive waste is the uranium fuel just reaching the end of its cycle where it becomes green and has way too many dangerous chemicals for anything to touch it. According to the article “Nuclear energy, Does it make sense for the environment?”, nuclear power is the biggest source of emission free energy/power in the world. One of the steps of creating nuclear power they use something called nuclear fission and that’s the process when hot rods burn up water but nuclear fission is huge step in Nuclear power without it nuclear power wouldn’t be possible. there are not a lot of nuclear power plants but 1 nuclear power plant can make as much power as 3 coal powered generators in a month. there was a japanese power plant in Fukushima that was destroyed in a tsunami knocked out most of power for their general city in Fukushima. and according to “The accident was rated 7 on the INES scale, due to high radioactive releases over days 4 to 6, eventually a total of some 940 PBq (I-131 eq).” that’s amazing how much of their power was nuclear power and without it how much more energy it would take to power it with something such as a coal generator. And a power plant for the Lansing area is planning on trying to create a fully functional Gasoline powered nuclear power plant. which would be a revolutionary step for nuclear power as that means no Radioactive waste that way there’s no pollution which means they will be able to run nuclear power plants a lot more. which means so much more power less waste and that’s good for everyone. and when gasoline powered nuclear power plants are made we will have so much power that ll our government will probably be able to use it in a very good way like improving our comprehension on the technology around us and be able to improve our army/military branches. and soon just like oil electricity will be traded with other countries maybe in order to have a peace treaty therefore it will be a massive leap forward and maybe soon after our rockets for launching into space will run off electricity so we will get past mars and learn something about the exoplanets