In top-line sales in their other two segments. For

In terms of strengths include the positive attributes, tangible & intangible recourses, the internal strengths of Edgewell help in searching new market avenues as well as support the company to protect the market share in the existing markets. Their strategy creates a long-term growth for the company in driving top-line sales in their other two segments. For instance, the company was able to increase their sales by 1.8% in the 2016 facial year, due to their innovative strategy of using the Hydro product channel, as well as new innovations from the private business label and the international sales. Also, the company can enter the majority of its potential market because of its solid distribution network. In addition, the company has an effective track record enable them to develop new products for product innovation. Another strength is Edgewell is positioning itself in a high level of customer satisfaction as the company placed attention to its customer relationship management department to deliver its unique value proposition to present customers and good brand equity as well as the future customers. 

            The strengths of the firm can also be identified under their wet shave products which has gained a better recognition over its competitors due to its innovative design as well as an improved shaving experience. This system incorporated a new and better technology that allows for the protection of the skin during shaves making the skin smooth. Likewise, their sun and skin care products provide more strength to the firm, by taking the leading market share position of the product in the united states.

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Also, Edgewell successfully utilizes inside and outside recourses and able to determine the market opportunities along with the achieving competitive advantage.  Therefore, the company is recognized with its excellent performance of expansion to new market which helps the company to generate new revenue stream in the new markets. According to “Share prices are approaching a strong support area in daily data, which offers good timing for investors.”