Hello first one is Tears of a Slave by

Hello Class, My research led me to two African American Poems on the subject of slavery. The first one is Tears of a Slave by Africus-Freedom’s Journal while the second one is Bars Fight by Lucy Terry.In the Tears of a Slave, the writer expresses that he is born from free parents only for him to be separated from his wife and children. All these happens to that he can pamper the pride of his masters.The second poem, Bars Fight, is a narrative of how African Americans were ambushed by Indians leading to huge losses in life. In narrative, Lucy terry narrates the events of August 25th, 1746. She mentions the people who got slain in the ambush while counting it as luck those who managed to escape for their lives. The Tears of a SlaveBy Africus-Freedom’s Journal.Adieu, to my dear native shore,To toss on the boisterous wave;To enjoy my kindred no more,But to weep—the tears of a SLAVE!By the sons of freemen I’m borne,To the land of the free and the brave;From my wife and children I’m torn,To weep—the sad tears of a SLAVE!When, I think on mother and friends,And the joy their countenance gave;Ah! how my sad bosom it rends,While weeping—the tears of a SLAVE!Ah! now, I must labor for gold,To pamper the pride of the knave;Ah! now, I am shackled and soldTo weep—the sad tears of a SLAVE!Keen sorrow so presses my heart,That often I sigh for my grave;While feeling the lash-cruel smart!And weeping—the tears of a SLAVE!Ye sons, of the free and the wise,Your tender compassions I crave;Alas! can your bosoms despiseThe pitiful tears of a SLAVE!Can a land of Christians so pure!Let demons of slavery rave!Can the angel of mercy endure,The pitiless—tears of a SLAVE!Just Heaven, to thee I appeal;Hast thou not the power to save?In mercy thy power reveal,And dry—the sad tears of a SLAVE. Bars Fight by Lucy TerryAugust ’twas the twenty-fifth,Seventeen hundred forty-six;The Indians did in ambush lay,Some very valiant men to slay,The names of whom I’ll not leave out.Samuel Allen like a hero fout,And though he was so brave and bold,His face no more shalt we beholdEteazer Hawks was killed outright,Before he had time to fight, –Before he did the Indians see,Was shot and killed immediately.Oliver Amsden he was slain,Which caused his friends much grief and pain.Simeon Amsden they found dead,Not many rods distant from his head.Adonijah Gillett we do hearDid lose his life which was so dear.John Sadler fled across the water,And thus escaped the dreadful slaughter.Eunice Allen see the Indians coming,And hopes to save herself by running,And had not her petticoats stopped her,The awful creatures had not catched her,Nor tommy hawked her on the head,And left her on the ground for dead.Young Samuel Allen, Oh lack-a-day!Was taken and carried to Canada.