Environmental The main solution is reforestation to prevent deforestation

factors is any factor which influences living organisms and can be abiotic or
biotic. Abiotic factors include ambient temperature, amount of sunlight, and
pH of the water soil in which organisms are living. Biotic factors includes
availability of food organisms and
the presence of conspecifics predators, and parasites. The main solution is
reforestation to prevent deforestation and global warming. But reforestation
has positive and also negative effects on Earth. Trees plays role on absorbing
the gases which fuel the global warming but also, adding trees allows
blocks the sun’s rays during the day and holds in heat at night. (“REFORESTATION:
IMPACT ON CLIMATE.”) When soil is transported and deposited in other areas
releasing carbon into the air, makes smaller amounts of greenhouse gases
entering the atmosphere which shows that the solution is completely related to environmental

The solution
is also related with economical factor, because companies, NGOs, as well as
programs have key economy factors including, costs, management, taxes and
government policy. As reforestation, programs, plans needs management, policy
for sure it is related with economic factors too. To do the reforestation,
organization and programs need strong strategies, plans, policy and management
such as REDD program.

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Finally, I
think mainly reforestation is the solution for global warming and deforestation
and saving energy, water is simple things that we can do. One of things we can
do is to inform people about deforestation and its extreme effects on global
warming. No trees, no humans is a correct expression; if deforestation would increase
in a high speed, soon earth’s temperature is going to rise, which will be a
huge problem for all living organisms and it could have be really late to
prevent the global warming. Before it’s too late deforestation should be
decreased and we need to inform people and save energy can be developed science
based solutions to prevent global warming.