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Department of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringUCSI University  Design Project Proposal EE204/EE210 Electronic Manufacturing Design TO :           Mr. Chuah Eng YewInstructorFROM:         NoStudentIDProgram1Gan Chin Aun1001748251Electrical and Electronic Engineering2Saleh Mohammad Musa1001437038Electrical and Communication Engineering3Neoh Jin Wei1001849277Electrical and Electronic Engineering4Chow Cher En1001644998Mechatronic EngineeringSUBJECT:   Design Project Proposal SubmissionEnclosed is our group’s design project proposal, {your project title}.  This proposal is submitted for partial fulfillment of the EE204/EE210requirement outlining the plan for the project pursuit through the problem formulation with functional requirement, alternative solution generation with electrical and electronics engineering approaches, project management and milestones, and task assignments and deliverables.   We understand this proposal, in written report as attached and oral presentation upon scheduled, would undergo a rigorous Proposal Review Panel assessment, and we are willing to accept recommendations from the Panel Review and modify and resubmit for final approval.EMI Project Proposal “TITLE”  Submitted byGan Chin AunSaleh Mohammad Musa Neoh Jin Wei Chow Cher En Approved by Mr. Chuah Eng Yew  Proposal Review Panel Representative:                                                                                                                             Name:                                              Date:Content of ProjectNoContentPage1Introduction2Problem statement3Objective Project4Literature Review5Engineering Approach6Flowchart and Design Diagram7Methodology for Implementation of Project8Project Schedule Plan9Project Proposed Time Schedule (Gantt Chart)10Expected Budget Description11Reference12Undertaking13Supervisor’s Comment 1.Introduction In the 21st century era, technology is leading the world and becoming more and more important to lead a better life for humans. If a country aims to become rich and strong, the country cannot be lacked of technology. According to the journey article of PsycNet in June 2006, the elders are less likely familiar with the usage of technology compared to the youngsters. Youngsters have faster learning ability of technologies in general computer or the World Wide Web. From this research, the relationship of the technology with age is clearly to be seen. Youngsters are the pillar of the country’s future. Therefore, technology has played an important role in the country’s future financially, status, wealth and strength. This is because technology brings a lot of benefits to the world from convenience, safety, energy to quality and others. During these 20 years, technology has made a huge change and brought a better life to everyone whether in automotive, healthcare, heavy machines or equipments. Heavy equipments refer to heavy-duty vehicles such as heavy machines, heavy trucks and engineering equipments. There are many examples of heavy machines such as dozers, heavy haul trucks, cranes, excavators and others. Technology includes heavy machines and brings a lot of advantages to the world such as to increase the quantity but without losing the quality of the product, to produce the product in a shorter period of time, to ensure safety of humans, to bring convenience to humans, to let the machines run automatically and others. Besides that, many imaginary technologies that are designed or created in the movies or games are starting to be brought out into the real world and leading the technology of the world. Therefore the technology Augmented Reality(AR) which is also called computer-mediated reality or Virtual Reality(VR) is widely expanded nowadays. However, there is big difference between Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR). Augmented Reality(AR) is a mixture of real world and imaginary world but Virtual Reality(VR) only creates an imaginary world. Hence, Augmented Reality (AR) will let the people be less confused with the real world and the imaginary world. Augmented Reality (AR) is growing widely since 1968. During 1968, the first head-mounted display system was developed and in 1974, a laboratory named Videoplace was built. During 1992, the earliest functioning system named Virtual Fixtures was created. During 1999, a spacecraft was flown with the technology of Augmented Reality(AR) to overlay the map data. During 2009, Augmented Reality was first used in print media and from 2003 onwards, consumers can enjoy the hardware and software of Augmented Reality (AR). From this simple history background of Augmented Reality(AR), it can be said that the growth of Augmented Reality(AR) is unlimited and impressive in the future. 2.Problem statement Augmented Reality (AR) can be easily achieved on any screen such as handphone, tablet or even a piece of  glass. Augmented Reality(AR) is prove of a huge improvement of technology that combines the real world and the imaginary world. Augmented Reality(AR) allows users to experience the world from surroundings and an enrich content of a project. This is a good way to allow more understanding of a project or knowledge. For example, on historic sites, people are allowed to explore a tour or what has happened in the past from a photo. Augmented Reality(AR) also provides a better platform to allow training and planning purposes. This is a very useful feature that allows many occupations to have huge improvements such as doctors improving in surgery, military training and many others. Augmented Reality(AR) also brings the world economic to the peak due to the fact that AR has attracted many people to experience rather than just to imagine. According to research, the learning process follows the trend of sight, hearing, touch and practice. Hence, Augmented Reality has achieved sight and sound features which can improve the learning process. However, everything has pros and cons including Augmented Reality (AR). Augmented Reality (AR) will over-attract the human eyesight and let people be lacked of awareness to what is happening in front of them. This will increase the chances of accidents to happen. Augmented Reality (AR) is an expensive product but youngsters nowadays will follow the ‘wave’ of the technology and ignore the downsides. Due to the growth of technology, statistics of youngsters wearing the spectacles are increasing. According to the article from The Star by Kosmo Ahad, it is stated that during these three years, 3 out of 10 youngsters are having vision problems by long usage of electronic devices. This has proved that the number of people who are wearing spectacles is increasing. Nowadays, many people wear spectacles as fashion. Spectacles is one of the fashion accessories and are widely accepted by everyone from children to the elders. When building a building the basement is the most important part of it. This is the same as building a heavy machine or equipment, the electronic device is the most important part of it. Hence, understanding and measuring the value of the power of a machine is very important to analyse the usage and capability of the machine to work. The safety of the machine is very important whether it’s the quality and quantity of the product or the life of humans.   3.Objective ProjectAimThe aim of the project is to develop a better life to the world in the area of heavy equipment.ObjectiveThe objective of the project is to improve heavy machine or equipment based on the area of quality, safety and convenience. Quality is to check the current, voltage of the electronic device. Safety is to allow people to know the current and voltage of the project is using. Convenience is to allow the people  can manage the project easily. Besides that, this project is to allow everyone can enjoy the latest technology with a cheap budget. This project also targeting the increasing statistic of people who is wearing the spectacles with the reason of vision problem or fashion issues. 4.Literature ReviewElectro Vision glass is the futuristic gadgets  thats allows us to interact with different  smart device . The project will allow us to get notification from different devices through bluetooth wirelessly. Integrating computer with glass is not new technology in the tech world but its still struggling to adapt in real life usage .this is why our team has choose accept this challenge to redesign and rebuild the spectacles Electro vision glass is defined as the program to develop optical head mounted device having wearable computer . We can see that wearable future is around the corner  and its immediate than we think  we can see there is a lot of potential in this technology and we want to take the full advantage by building a smart gadget that can integrate with our normal spectacles. Form 2014 wearable technology has been a great trend although it has negative and positive impact on consumers life. But now its not time for the tech to stop Giant tech like Apple unveiled its new device Apple watch 3 in 2017 the Device is “the most personal device we have ever made” according to  Apple’s CEO ,Tim Cook. According to the report of pwc “Consumers Intelligence Series and The wearable Future” one of five American adults already owns some type of wearable device. Today more than 40% Americans own a tablet. So the question rise will wearable technology will replace the smartphone? The report of pwc showed 76% consumers said ‘NO’.Creating wearable gadget such as electro vision glass is complex process. It needs to be precise and smooth function . It needs to be comfortable while wearing also needs to have elegant design. Although most of wearable designed gadget get their success in engineering design but when come to make it stylish. So we tried to keep our focus on make it more comfortable the Biggest challenge facing in wearable device such as our Electro vision glass is to put advance application . Sometimes smartphone or other smart devices are difficult to use. e.g riding cycle and waiting time and knowing about weather while running . Electro Vision glass can solve this kind of problem. Wearable device do not provide more function then smartphone do  and basically it provide less functions . Creating a place for wearable device among consumer needs lots of time and dedication . So our team want to step up and take this challenge to create this device it depends on engineer like us who are willing to take challenge and develop new technology .Currently most devloper are preoccupied by smartphones. So new gadget like this requires developer like us to step a side and reshape the technology . The eye can only see the clear image which is +- 25cm . But our screen need to be very close of our eyes. It can be overcome using the lens. The idea is the same as currently developed virtual reality where we can see the mobile screen is very close to our head but due to optical image of the lens which create a virtual distance between the eye and screen itself help us to see the image clearer. We want  to take this concept and work differently. Instead of using the screen itself we want to use the light come out from the screen itself and project it in the glass . The reflection will create a virtual image in front of our eyes on transparent glass.We know wearable technology its not new in the market. But creating a cheap stylish gadget like our projects is a big challenge. The reason we choose this project because we think this is the future of smart gadget ; smartphone will eventually will distribute within gadget  like smartwatch or smart glass etc. many organization also start their marketing with function like driving license,credit card house key and setting computer in one small gadget worn in wrist or neck.Disney invested around $1 billion to build system which people use to pay bills for food, ride etc. also help etc. this kind of technology is much convenient other organization also taking steps in similar direction. Now people can unlock their car with watches .Wearable device like fitness bands smart watches and other wearable  gadgets are already established in the market , many of them have underdeveloped on expectations . But it is confirm that the development is not going away anytime soon. Our team also want to join the trend by building a spectacles that can integrate with micro controller and use as smart notifier.Spectacles are used for protection of eye or to make people look clear also a form of style within generation . But beside doing these there are not any other application this analoge gadget have. So we wanted to digitize this accessory ,by putting microchips in it which can provide more safety and comfortness to many users. We also want to take a high challenge of putting a powerful computer system in a small place and make it more functional than other available gadget in the market but not exceeding the price limit. This technology will bring sophistication and ease of communication and information . It can also help disabled individuals and people who work with both hands.   5.Engineering Approach 6.Flowchart and Design DiagramFlowchart :Figure 6.1 Flowchart of project Design Diagram :Figure 6.2 Mind map of projectFigure 6.3 Basic idea of the project, Electro Vision Glass 7.Methodology The product of this project is named electro vision glass which consists of few fundamental parts. The components include the transmitter and frame which consists of the Reflector, Receiver and Source as shown in Figure 7.1 below.. The tricky part of the frame is how the frame should be attached onto the spectacles and the size of the frame which will be more convenient for the user. The Reflector consists of the mirror, lens, reflector and OLED display. The tricky part of making the reflector is calculating the distance and angle all of the specimen should be placed with the theory of real images, virtual images, focal points, and magnification. Hence, the fundamental of the theory should be strong in order to get a perfect image when reflected. The receiver consists of Arduino and bluetooth circuits. The Source contains a battery and a charger. The Transmitter provides signal to the receiver.Figure 7.1 Fundamental part of electro vision glass. For the Frame, the weight of the frame is important to take note when designing the eletro vision glass to allow users to feel more comfortable when wearing the spectacles. Hence, the weight of the electro vision glass is approximate to +-50 gram so the frame will be built using cardboard due to the light property and can easily be structured. If the weight of the eletro vision glass is heavy, it will cause problems to the user such as “lazy vision” due to an improper fit caused by imbalanced weight on either side of the spectacles. For the Source part, the battery that is used will be a LiPo battery with 3.7V, 330mAh ratings. This is because LiPo battery is rechargeable which has hit the target of reusability. LiPo battery has better battery life span and can be designed as thin as a card which caused the very lightweight battery. LiPo battery also has lower chance of facing the problem of electrolyte leakage. Due to LiPo battery being rechargeable, the charger port is included in the project which allows users to more easily recharge the battery. For the Receiver part, the arduino and bluetooth are the main parts to receive the data transmitting from the Transmitter and the Receiver part plays the main role of the whole project. The arduino that is used is the Arduino Pro Micro. This is due to the fact that the weight of the Arduino Pro Micro is lighter than Arduino Uno and the size of the Arduino Pro Micro is also smaller. The weight and size of the component is important to take note because the weight and size of the product is limited. Besides that, the price of Arduino Pro Micro is cheaper than the Arduino Uno. However, the Arduino Pro Micro is more than enough to program and run the electro vision glass. The bluetooth device that is used to connect to the Arduino is the Bluetooth V4.0 HM-11 BLE Module. This bluetooth device receives data from the Bluetooth Multimeter when checking the voltage or current and can receive information when connected to a bluetooth device such as receive call or message from a third party. For the Reflector, the basic components that are needed are the OLED Display, mirror, lens and reflector as shown in Figure 7.2. OLED Display is a type of light emitting diode (LED) which is widely used in creating digital displays. OLED Display is used due to the fact that it can provide better vision quality, respond in a short amount of time, lightweight and low cost in future. The Micro OLED 0.66 inch 64×48 pixel is selected to be used for electro vision glass. When creating the electro vision glass, fully understanding the theory of  real images, virtual images, focal points, and magnification is very important. The calculations of  the theory of  real images, virtual images, focal points, and magnification are shown in Figure 7.3. From Figure 7.4 shown that the basic rules of the object and the image of the convex lens and Table 7.1 shows the basic rule of the object and image of convex lens. Hence, 30mm acrylic plano convex lens with a FL of 100mm is selected to be used to form a clear image. With the use of this convex lens the image will be magnified three times when the object which is the screen is placed at a distance of 75mm from the convex lens. The image that is produced will be at a distance of 27-30 cm. This is the best distance to allow users to enjoy the clear image as humans’ eyes are focused at +-25cm. From all the calculation distance, the best distance between OLED Display with mirror is 33.2mm, the best distance between mirror and lens is 21.5mm and the distance between lens and reflector is 16.4mm. According to this distance, the focal length will be +-69mm, the object distance will be +- 54.7mm and the virtual image distance will be 263mm. Figure 7.2 Arrangement of Reflector partFigure 7.3  The calculation of  the theory of  real images, virtual images, focal points, and magnification. Figure 7.4  Basic rule of object and image of convex lens NoObjectImage1infinity distancereal, inverted, smaller than object, located at f2located at 2freal, inverted, same size as object, located at 2f3located between 2f and freal, inverted, larger than object, beyond 2f4located at fno image, infinity5located between f and lensvirtual, upright, larger than object, located behind the object which is same size as objectTable 7.1 Table of basic rule of object and image of convex lens Besides the main function of using bluetooth to connect with the multimeter to measure the value of voltage and current and display the value on the reflector. Electro vision glass can also show the notification from the handphone as long as the bluetooth device is connected such as notification of email, message or phone calling. Electro vision glass will have a LED placed beside the frame. The LED that used is Super-bright white LED. When a button is pressed, the LED will function as a torchlight. This will be useful when the user is working under a condition that lacks brightness. With this additional application the user can work under a safer condition and less accident will happen. Besides that, the user can work under a more convenient condition with the help of the LED light. Hardware components: Hardware components:arduino pro micro Bluetooth V4.0 HM-11 BLE Module4.280mA Lipo Akku50 – 500mA LiPo Charger Circuit30mm acrylic plano convex lens with a FL of 100mmplastic mirror 1mm thickMicro OLED 0.66 inch 64×48 pixelMicro USB breakout boardCD box for the reflectorEstimate price for this project is 350 Ringgit Malaysia 8.Project Schedule PlanNoTasksDuration (Days)1Prep a group12Select suitable project category53Group discussion on project title based on category24Discussion on project proposal and assign tasks among members25Preparation of the proposal36Finalise proposal and submission17Begin in-depth research on the project and the fundamentals108Design and simulation of circuit diagram59Collect simulation data and finalise circuit design710Purchase components for prototype with specified budget311Circuit testing on a breadboard312Meet with lecturer to update on progress and problems faced213Making of PCB214Construction of final prototype1015Test run for prototype1416Start working on final report517Submission of final report118Compilation of photos and videos taken of the entire process419Preparation of presentation520Prototype and video presentation121Final group meeting1 9.Project Proposed Time Schedule (Gantt Chart)10.Expected Budget DescriptionNoComponents/DescriptionPrice (RM)1Arduino Pro Micro302LiPo Battery (3.7v, 330mAh)353LiPo Battery Charger Circuit, (50 – 500mA)4Micro OLED 0.66 inch 64×48 pixel305Bluetooth V4.0 HM-11 BLE Module6USB Micro B Breakout Board117Acrylic Plano Convex Lens8Plastic Mirror (1mm)10Total 11.Reference APA PsycNET, Czaja, Sara J .Charness, Neil,Fisk, Arthur D.,Hertzog, Christopher,Nair, Sankaran N.,Rogers, Wendy A.,Sharit, Joseph, Psychology and Aging, Vol 21(2), Jun 2006, 333-352, Jun 2006, .Last accessed 20 January 2018.EduMission, Physics Form 4: Chapter 5 Ray Diagrams of Convex Lens, 15 March 2012, Ray Diagram Rules for Convex Lens, Last accessed 20 January 2018.Real Image Formation, . Last accessed 20 January 2018. The StarOnline, Kosmo Ahad, Country seeing more young children wearing glasses, 6 October 2014, . Last accessed 20 January 2018. 12.UndertakingWe hereby certify that the originality and authenticity of the prototype model to be undertaken will be upheld. The project proposal that we submitted at the conclusion of the EE204/EE210 Electronic Manufacturing Design course. We understand that cheating and plagiarism is regarded as a serious offence of the university regulations, which will not only result in failing grade for the subject but will also subject us to further disciplinary actions.We certify that, to the best of our knowledge, our information does not infringe upon anyone’s copyright nor violate any proprietary rights and that any ideas. We declare that this thesis is our own work. Furthermore, any additional information derived from the published and unpublished work of others has been acknowledged in the bibliography section. NoStudentIDProgramSignature1Gan Chin Aun1001748251Electrical and Electronic Engineering2Saleh Mohammad Musa1001437038Electrical and Communication Engineering3Neoh Jin Wei1001849277Electrical and Electronic Engineering4Chow Cher En1001644998Mechatronic Engineering13.Supervisor’s Comment