CE1.3.9 and raise execution invoice. Later, the bigger problem

CE1.3.9 I
coordinated with HSE engineer to keep track on safe work environment. I ensured
workers were fully equipped with PPE. I created checklist system for the
supervisor and site engineer to examine the safety measures followed daily
on-site before work is started. I followed OHSAS for safety.

CE1.3.10 I took care
of performance metrics of my team and project team. I found multiple issues such
as delay in raising execution invoice, delay in joint measurement certificate
submission, piling high value item inventory, and opening of larger work fronts
and not completing. Therefore, I defined & evaluated the metrics of project
team such as number of villages’ electrified month on month, number of Joint
measurement certified from clients, monthly execution invoice raised and
material stock outs. Also, during the program course I had assigned performance
metrics to my Opex team members and frequently I gave my feedback showed areas
of improvement. I mentored my team for achieving results, and enrolled them on
multi skilling training.

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CE1.3.11 Problem

Problem 1: During
execution, I observed electrical construction was taking lot of time and it was
impacting village electrification followed by invoice certification. The
reasons was, UPD top management focus was on sales numbers and therefore, pressurised
project manager to raise material request for high value item on priority. Business
head pushed SCM team to focus on ordering high value item because to fulfil sales
target. Once the high value material is received at site, project manager instructed
subcontractor to start installing concrete poles across villages and thus, opening
of large work fronts and finally the stage came around 5000 concrete poles were
installed in six months but unable to electrify single village and raise
execution invoice. Later, the bigger problem arrived, subcontractors who had
installed poles had taken there payment and vanished (because the payment was
on item installation) and new subcontractors were not interested in taking
contract for leftover work because of low unit item payment for stringing and
other engineering activities

Solution: I redesigned material procurement policy, execution strategy and
subcontractors work order policy and payment terms and conditions. The new
subcontractor payment term was 80% payment on 100% physical work completion of village,
10% after testing and 10% after commissioning and final material
reconciliation. Further, I mandated to project team to stop opening work fronts
and concentrate on electrifying villages where ever poles are installed. I
defined invoice-able “work unit” norms that is target is to electrify one
village and raise invoice than doing partial work in each villages. I mandated site
team to prepare pole schedule on daily basis, make note of material installed
and once villages completed, weekly raise Joint measurement sheet and hand to
client for inspection. This had improved project working capital by 7.3%. I observed
that the electrical construction sequence was very tedious and was taking lot
of time: First concrete poles were installed and later manpower use to climb-up
on every pole and fix steel structure and pin insulator. I changed the
execution sequence that is when pole is on ground all steel structure and pin
insulator will be fixed and at once lifted the pole using crane, which reduced
the project time by 30%.

Problem 2: While
execution another major problem I encountered was material dispatch to site.

Solution: To solve
this, I had to convince UPD top management that maximum amount of invoice value
was in execution than focusing on dumping materials and raising supply invoice.
I also went to BU head with calculations to show damage caused to the business.
After lot of interaction, it was finally agreed with condition that monthly
target sales numbers should not decline. Therefore, I took this opportunity and
designed advanced material requirement plan linked with village electrification
execution plan. Now every month 25th project team will prepare next
three months material requirement statement by referring to execution front and
accordingly materials were ordered in “full-Kit” and same is issued to
subcontractor at site. I also changed the material indent pattern, eliminated
all hand written indents and clubbed the accessories with main high value item
according installation activity.

CE1.3.12 I prepared
Risk assessment matrix Using Failure Mode Effective Analysis (FMEA), generated
Risk priority Number (RPN) Score based on severity (S), occurrence (O), &
detection (D). I effectively used lean methodology and Heijunka concept to
manage resources. I updated my management expertise by completing these

a.       Lean Six
sigma green belt – L certified

b.      Lean Six
Sigma Black Belt – Varsigma certified, accredited by exemplar global

c.       Business
management tools

d.      Certification
in 5S methodology

CE1.3.13 I followed
Indian standard code for project (IS) and ISO in the activities. I worked with
concrete pole suppliers and found that there was a vendor cartel formed in
Uttar Pradesh state, India. They were charging more than the estimation. To
break this cartel, I visited and met multiple suppliers and understood their
operations. Later, invited vendor onboard for discussion on vendor development.
I identified and developed a new vendor and MoU was signed, who will be
supplying poles only to L, this reduced the price of the pole and later
when the news speeded in market, slowly cartel was break and came up to our
estimated price.

CE1.3.14 I prepared SOPs and start-up kit documents
and project review structure using MS-Office Suite. I used idea generation workshops,
5S methodology, Lean Six sigma, value stream mapping, and theory of constraints
principles in the tasks. I made PowerPoint presentations of UPD business
operation improvements & savings to UPD top management, OPEX department
head, General Managers and CEO of the company.

1.4 Summary

I learned lot of on ground problem solving
techniques, critical thinking, improved my decision making skills, learned
about project difficulties and tackled many uncertain issues. I implemented
multiple ideas and minimized project delay, saved significant manpower,
material and overhead cost and increased execution invoice rate, thus, resulting
a great accomplishment for UPD business. I improved financial performance of
Business (Image below) and I was awarded as top performer 2014-15 financial
year and rewarded with money for my assignment