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African american  moved from the south to the north due to an  large amount racial tension in the trail of the war. This great migration of African Americans, from the south to the north led to negro settlements in some of the larger northern industrial cities, such as D.C., Philadelphia, and New York city. In about 1920, many of the African Americans who had moved to the north from the south were beginning to embrace the concept of the “New Negro”, which was a movement that was not only a social anorchy against racism, but also served as a literary movement, as well as a new look on the African American expression. This movement better known as the Harlem Renaissance was key  to African Americans, and the way that their roles changed in the Us, on the road to equal rights as well as economic equality. The Harlem Renaissance will forever be remembered as the turning point in African American culture, as well as their place in America today. Harlem Renaissance An era of written and artistic creativity among African Americans that occurred after World War I, and lasted until the middle of the 1930’s depression; This is the definition that you would probably get for the Harlem Renaissance if you looked it up in a book, but the Harlem Renaissance was much more than that. The Harlem Renaissance was an expression of redefined African Americans who felt a sense of pride, and promoted the celebration of their African American heritage.Harlem became one of the nation’s largest and most renowned African American communities. A place so densely packed with people of the same ethnic group who all came out of similar circumstances is practically certain to bring forth some kind of culture. It was in Harlem that the revolution began . There, they brought there ways of life into America through their literature, poetry, and art.which was blowing up with fans African American communities not only  in Harlem, but all over the country. Instead of simply being known as a group of people, they were becoming one with each other. What’s more, Jazz and Blues, a product of their own, became wide spread sensations. They greatly influenced the Jazz age and, this cultural  helped give them a positive reputation among other cultures. They brought something into America that was completely new; something that introduced variety in their otherwise, culturally uniform lives. The dominant black population in Harlem further assisted their culture.