A Girl’s Guide to Travelling on a Budget If

A Girl’s Guide to Travelling on a

it’s possible to hate a country and yet be passionate about it at the same
time, then that’s how you would feel when you visit this country, full of
color, lights and lots of food.

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the messy streets of Delhi to the peaceful backwaters in God’s own country,
Kerala, the mixed emotion you would get from one minute to the next during your
trip around the country is beyond words. Now, you might have to spend hours
cramped in a train, sharing a seat and sipping on some delicious hot chai but
it’s absolutely worth all of it.

you are looking to add this country to your bucket list, here is a girl’s guide
to travel on a budget to India.

being one of the main forms of transport in India, and the tickets are usually sold
out months in advance for the popular routes. The network is vast, the views
are amazing, the prices are reasonable, and the idea of sleeping your way
through destinations sounds perfect. However, it doesn’t always seem that way
especially when it comes to buying tickets. For the impulse travelers with lose
travel plans, this can become a problem at the last moment. The best advice is
to book your train tickets at the earliest and even if your plans are not
confirmed, book it anyway as you can always cancel your reservations.

short, get booking, if you don’t want to get stuck.

of your personal opinion on a woman’s right to wear whatever she wishes, the
reality is that clothing is much more conservative in India than in other
countries. The idea of wearing long skirts and a long sleeved top in the
extreme temperatures sounds unbearable but there are some benefits like not
having to reapply SPF 50 constantly and also keeping the mosquitoes away.

a country where humans and animals (cows, dogs, and flies) are everywhere, it’s
not difficult to understand the roots of some hearty street food. Unless you
plan on dining in a restaurant away from the streets, you should prepare
getting sick at least once. Of course you can take some precautions to reduce
the risk. You cannot avoid the delicious street food as it is one of the
true delights of India but keeping your hands clean with sanitizer might keep
the bacteria away. It’s best to use it after you handle money and also
before you eat because most meals will be eaten with your hands rather than a

if you do fall sick, a pharmacy is never far away in most places. In no time
you will be back to your samosa eating health.

the birthplace of Ayurvedic treatments, you can indulge in the different forms
of treatments to relax yourself. From a relaxing head massage to an hour or two
of pampering yourself, you can get it all.

adventure and relaxation are all part of visiting India. Whether you happen to
love or hate the country or both, the main goal is to relax and simply just go
with the flow.