__________________________________________________________________________________Engineering by my passion and curiosity led me towards

__________________________________________________________________________________Engineering through time has developed and shaped the world that exists today. In childhood day, I would wonder how and why things move or work. I would question my grandfather, “Why makes the fan move and how do we get air from it”, “What makes the refrigerator so cool”. Pondering over such questions made me enjoy maths and science at school. My family has been full of doctors and so the push towards medical was more. My argument to them would be- How will a doctor use a stethoscope or their machines unless you have an engineer to design them. This desire to learn, fueled by my passion and curiosity led me towards choosing Mechanical Engineering as my major. This curiosity made me lead the team project at my university of fabricating a Beta Stirling Engine that works on Solar power to produce electricity. This has given me an insight in usage of renewable energy in everyday life has increased my enthusiasm to have more in-depth study in engineering at a renowned university and then possibly begin a career in this field. I have also enjoyed carrying out practical experiments which can then be proved using mathematical calculations. The problem-solving skills I have acquired from studying Maths have enabled me to solve unfamiliar problems by applying previously learnt techniques. During my Semester Abroad Program at NUS Singapore, I was involved in Biomass Gasifier project to monitor the heat temperature and calculate the numerical solutions towards energy conservation. Sports and Music have also played a vital role in modelling my personality. I started at a young age learning Violin and playing classical music. I have been a part of musical shows during my school. I have regularly taken part in team matches in football, Table Tennis and Cricket. While music has taught me patience and perseverance to keep practicing till you get the right note, sports has made me learn to cope with losses and importance of teamwork. Both music and sports has developed me as an individual with a never give-up attitude. Community service is what I have observed my parents follow since my childhood. Both my parents have volunteered to take up the responsibility of schooling underprivileged children. This has led me volunteer at HelpAge India to help with medical services for senior citizens. This has reinforced my belief in the responsibility to give back to the society. My brief work on “Solar Hot Air Generator” during my internship has strengthened my passion towards obtaining a Masters in Mechanical with specialization in Sustainable Energy Solutions. The world is moving towards automation and artificial intelligence. My belief is that for every automation there is an involvement of mechanics that would make it possible. My long-term goal is to support this move coupled with my leadership skills and expertise in the field of mechanical engineering.