In my opinion, the Hindu rituals are a reflection of their
core beliefs. At the core of the Hindu religion there are the Indian Dharma which
means the way of life and the Santana Dharma which means the eternal way of
life indicating the duties of the Hindus. The main Hindu practices are puja
(the worship), recitation, meditation and rites of passages. These are said to
be a fusion of Indian cultures and traditions. Puja is a form of worship that Hindus
mostly do with their family three times a day. The recitation of their holy scriptures
such as the Vedas, Upanishads and Bhargava Gita and Agamas depends very much on
the individuals. Also, Yoga which is a form of meditation depends greatly on
the individuals. However, the rites of
passages are observed by most Hindus such as in their marriage, different stages
of pregnancy and birth and death. The Hindu holy days and festivals are the reflections
of the human relationship with the universe. Therefore, the Hindu rituals are clearly
linked by their core beliefs.